ViEmu/VS: vi/vim editor emulation for Microsoft Visual Studio

* Implemented i', i", a', a" vim7 text-object motions
* Implemented gp/gP to paste and leave the cursor after the pasted text
* Implemented gt/gT to go to next/prev buffer
* Made Ctrl-U in cmdline mode delete back to the start
* Made Ctrl-W in cmdline mode delete a word
* Made Ctrl-U in insert mode delete back to the point of insertion
* Made Ctrl-W in insert mode delete a word
* Made // and ?? shortcuts repeat last search
* :n, :N as synonims of :bn, :bp
* Added :ve[rsion] command to show the version and web address for ViEmu
* Added user setting to remove "Read-only op" warning
* Added installation for Orcas March'07 CTP, this adds support for VS2008

vi( とかできるようになりました。
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